Big Caz

A buddy of mine, Big Caz from Mo Thugs in Harmony, hits me up the other day and says “I heard you’re getting back into photography can you shoot me some head shots?”.

“I don’t know” says I “I’ve never tried”

The Big Man letting me test my worth.

As we were wrapping up I noticed it was just sinking into Golden hour. . . I love golden hour photography and jump on any chance to play for these precious few minutes of the day. The cool thing about working with Caz is that he trusts me. I say “Caz I need you to stand there now” he doesn’t ask why, he doesn’t dick around, he just goes to the spot and stands.


After some time on the internet I’ve learned that the reason the sky isn’t where I want it is that my shutter speed was wrong. To saturate a sky you need to bring the shutter speed up to 1/2000th of a second or there about. Then you can  flash the subject with less light and even sharpen the background at a wide aperture if you so desire. Who knew photography was this complicated?







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