Amber Valletta

Caught Amber Valletta speaking at . One of the more interesting things she talked about was the Story of the shoot. It had never occurred to me that the spreads in a fashion magazine were meant to convey a story. Apparently they do. It’s only the loosest of frameworks and the majority of the ‘story’ is created by the viewer, but nonetheless, a story is told. I’m now determined to tell a story during my next shoot. I’m thinking it will go something like this.

A hot girl walks into my house, has her hair and makeup done, get’s dressed in something outright scandalous, then poses in as many sexy and suggestive ways as we can come up with.

Speaking with Amber was Amanda de Cadenet. She briefly touched on her own path from in front of the lens to behind it. I’m guessing it involved far less vasocongestion than my own path is.

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