Kali Kenzington

Got another day with Earl Miller. He decided to shoot the first set in a marble lined kitchen. Have you ever tried to fire a 3 light setup in a marble kitchen?

The lighting book I’m reading has “excersises”, none of them so far have involved hot naked girls with light skin tones in a highly reflective room. Fortunately they have covered Families of Angles so I had a rough idea of where not to put the lights. problem is, the key light only really had one place it could go. Directly in the family of angles that reflected back into the camera. Here’s the clinch part about working with earl and his 40 years of experience. Instead of trying to kill the angle, he dressed the set in such a way as to capitalize on the reflected light to highlight a beautiful glass vase. He put the vase on the counter, directly where the strobe was reflecting so as to catch the light. Genius.


The next set was the Christmas special.





And Special it was.



Sneaky little minx she is.


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