Big guns and open spaces.

During my 2009 world trip, detailed at, I met some interesting people. one of whom is the magnanimous mister M. I hadn’t seen M. since I got back to the States, but one day while out in Las Vegas for AVN my phone rings with an unknown number and it turns out to be him. “Try to make it back for Sunday night, I’m having a Chinese New Years party and there will be many more girls than guys. . . all asian”. Well thinks I, what better way to kick of the Year of the Dragon than a party with a positively skewed ratio and inaugurate myself as the sexual ambassador to the orient. Giddy up.

But on to the point, M. is an Imaging specialist. He’s apparently pretty good at what he does because he has some healthy disposable income. Here’s where it gets interesting. While visiting his house that night, he show’s me what he’s working with so far as Lenses go. High quality lenses to a photographer are like porn to an office worker and this was like an all access pass to Manwin (the company that owns ~60% of the porn traffic on the www). To us working stiffs, the idea of shooting a fucking landscape with this glass is abhorrent. Bring on the pretty girls says I. . . and M. agrees. We set a date, and I cajole my little test subject to come play.

Here’s the setup – Canon 600 EF (~$10,000) paired with a Canon 5d mark ii (~$2000) and results. Thank you Taylor Russo for the shots.

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