My new Sponsor.

While at the Adult Entertainment Expo this year I met a couple guys in the retail section with a cool new product. It’s an all natural lube with honey essence. I Swiss tested it, that is, I dropped a minute amount between two fingers and with my usual skepticism rubbed them together for a while. Most lubes will turn to a tacky glue after a few seconds.   A few do well, Swiss Navy Silicon lasts a minute, as does Gun Oil and Wet.  Apparently Mr. Appleman had done his research and development, because this one stayed slick. I was pleasantly surprised to find the lubricious slide held up and it smelled like honey. this I could get into.

Fast forward to this week and there’s a box of the stuff sitting on my doorstep. Awesome thinks I and head to the back yard for some field testing. . .  Several loads later and I’m convinced.

Love the product, thanks for the Samples.

2 thoughts on “My new Sponsor.

  1. Hey Swiss, Dan here. Thanks for the shout out, but we are even more stoked it held up to your high standards. We can post these and link them to your site if it helps. Thanks again dude, and our doors here in South Beach are always open for you.

    • It always helps and greatly appreciate the product. Same goes for the left coast, my house is always open. . . As long as you don’t mind watching lesbian sex while eating breakfast.

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