Solo Sites

You get a copy of any media that we DO NOT decide to submit to a Magazine or website.

Please Clear content trades with your agent if applicable.

Suggested content necessary to launch a website.

6 Solo Video
3 BJ’s
4 Girl/Girl’s
6 Boy/Girls
1 B/B/G
1 B/G/G
3 Fetish (feet, smoking, etc…)
5 sets stills

A typical content day shoots:

2 sets of still / 2 outfits

1 solo

1 BJ

1 BG or GG

I’m almost always down to shoot a scene for . That happens in cars, parks, car parks, down by the river, in a public bathroom, your moms bed, behind the dumpster or any feasible location that makes you moist.

You get a copy of the scene for your primary website.

Please submit for consideration or come by and ask in person.


What to Bring

Yourself, your IDs, and the following wardrobe. The more you invest in the shoot, the better the media comes out.

(If you have nothing on this list, bring a positive attitude. With a Positive attitude, we can ALWAYS work around obstacles)

Heels / stilettos / Thigh boots

Jewelry and accessories. Elegant necklaces. long earnings. hoops are always welcome. If you like it, It probably looks good on you.

Bikinis and Matching Bra and Panty sets. Vibrant colors pop. reds, yellows, pinks, some lighter shades of purple etc.


summer dresses

boy shorts, booty shorts, short skirts.

Something sexy

Something you feel comfortable  in.


Please make sure to drink plenty of water on set and the night before. please eat breakfast the day of your shoot. Craft services provided, requests considered.


Looking forward to seeing what we can create.

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